DS4S Terms and Conditions – Currently still being updated as of 30/07/2023

Disruptive Solutions 4 Success LTD (with its affiliates, “Disruptive Solutions 4 Success Academy, DS4S  “we,” “our,” or “us” ) distributes and sells products, and provides products and services to you when you visit our websites or use our mobile applications, or use software we provide in connection with any of the foregoing (collectively, the “Service” ). By using any part of the Service you accept the Terms and Conditions, so read them all carefully. If you do not agree, do not use the Service and uninstall our applications. The name Disruptive Solutions 4 Success, Disruptive Solutions 4 Success Academy, Ds4S and all the content within this brand are all registered Trademark and any infringement upon this Trademark will be countered with court proceedings criminal and/or civil for injunctions, damages, loss of earnings.In some instances, both the Terms and Conditions and separate terms will apply to your use of the Service ( “Additional Terms” ), and will become part of the Terms. To the extent there is a conflict between Additional Terms and any other Terms, the Additional Terms will control unless they expressly state otherwise.

DS4S Account Usage. Refund and Exchange Policy

When you sign up to become a member at DS4S and your account is created it is limited to solely you as the account holder. This also means that you are only able to login to 1 device at a time. Multiple logins are strictly forbidden. Any account that has any suspicious activity or attempts are being made to login into multiple device at the same time will be suspended pending investigation and will be terminated without refund if found to be factual. The one time setup fee of £5 is a one time payment that is non refundable. In our Terms and Conditions a month is a date that starts and ends on the same date. For example, if you signed up to a package on our website on the 30 July a month would take you to the 30 August. There are currently 3 packages that we offer, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Once you have paid for your monthly subscription you are entitled to access any of the features within the package that you have paid for the duration of the month until the next subscription date.

DS4S GDPR Privacy Policy Notice

Contacting Us and Customer Service

If you have any concerns about DS4S or your use of the Service, please contact us at info@ds4s.net