Disruptive or destructive

The most successful people and technologies in recent times have been disruptive by nature or design.  Sometimes the only way to make improvements is to go back to the drawing board and start all over again, top-down or bottom-up from ground-zero.  Much like the revolutions of the PC (Personal Computer), internet and mobile revolutions, the blockchain, web 3 and AI technologies are currently disrupting the digital space and people’s lives significantly.  Although often disruption and destruction such as that caused by war, 9-11 or pandemics bring about major ramifications.  However, out of such impact, like a phoenix bird also emerges new life and possibilities.  Disruptive people and technologies have been responsible for making more people wealthy than anything else in modern times.  We design, create and deploy disruptive solutions for your success.  Join our Academy.

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1. Language

2. Knowledge

3. Freedom

Cultivating culture is the foundation for everything. What makes you different?
Know the difference between being wealthy and being rich. What is real power?
Physical, emotional, spiritual and most of all mental health is vital for success.
We can't chose not to co-exist but we can choose the relationships we value
Know thy self and your place. How do you fit-in to the cosmos and the bigger picture

Principals of success






Contrary to public opinion, all men are not created equal.  The skin-suit and culture you identify with will have a significant impact on your health, wealth and the relationships you choose to nurture and value.

Attitude is everything: 3C’s of success


Starts with the first step

Be brave enough to get started on the road to your success, have a fearless attitude, fear nothing.


Dedicate time for yourself

Anything worth anything is worth fighting for regardless of the many challenges along the way


Stay disciplined and stick to it

Doing it when you want to is good but doing it when you don’t actually want to is even better.

Language Courses:
Learn Mis’bat’iya (Nuwaupic) with ease

The language App lets you quickly search English and Mis’bat’iya (Nuwaupic) words to get translation
and meaning. Tools let you hear pronunciation, learn more about the word and so much more…
Administrators and SuperAdmin can update and maintain language in realtime with Premium Version

* Does not require Academy Subscription. However, your support and donations help with continuous development.


* Requires Academy Subscription.  Your support and donations help with continuous development.

* Requires Academy Subscription.  Your support and donations help with continuous development.

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